Built on more than 20 years of research experience in hearing health and devices, HEARworks Pty Ltd offers a range of technologies and services developed by the The HEARing Cooperative Research Centre (HEARing CRC). It also manages contract research conducted by the HEARing CRC researchers on behalf of third parties.

Below are some of the technologies that have been developed and distributed by HEARworks.


A versatile clinical device that measures the hearing abilities of infants, children and adults unable to verbally respond to traditional hearing tests.
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NAL-NL2 web
Hearing aid fitting software featured in the majority of the world’s hearing aids that maxmises speech intelligibility for hearing aid users.
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Clinical Trials

HEARworks offers expertise in clinical assessment of therapeutic hearing devices such as hearing aids, cochlear implants and other technologies.
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Hearing Aids

Speech Perception Tests

HEARworks has a range of speech perception tests for clinical audiologists.
The tests include:

  • AB and CNC word lists,
  • CID sentences
  • CUNY sentence lists
  • BKB sentence lists.

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