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HEARworks Pty Ltd offers a range of technologies and clinical and research services developed by the The HEARing Cooperative Research Centre (HEARing CRC).

About the HEARing CRC

The HEARing CRC is an internationally-unique consortium of research, clinical and industry organisation, constituting five core and 21 support Members.

The HEARing CRC and its Members are dedicated to the common purpose of creating sound value™ through research – to prevent, and to better remediate, lost productivity resulting from hearing loss in children and adults. Our objectives are:

  • To enhance Australia’s industrial, commercial and economic growth through an integrated, cooperative research program focused on prevention and mitigation of hearing loss; and
  • Through education and commercialisation of research findings, to reduce the incidence of hearing loss and increase the effectiveness with which hearing loss is treated.

Originally funded in 2007 through the Commonwealth Government Cooperative Research Centre Programme, the HEARing CRC has received a five-year funding extension from the CRC Programme in 2014 to continue developing new devices, therapies and service delivery models to improve the prevention, detection and remediation of hearing disorders.

This funding (an additional $28 million) will allow the HEARing CRC to continue its research into developing:

  • New insights into the brain’s processing of sound enabling novel tools to target diagnosis and remediation;
  • Next  generation hearing aids and cochlear implants with enhanced capabilities; evidence-based guidelines for  candidature, fitting and rehabilitation that match  technologies and services to individual patient needs; and;
  • Self-fitting and web-based hearing healthcare delivery models that enable improved access for regional and remote communities.

To help with the understanding and utilisation of its research by the public and hearing health professionals, the HEARing CRC has created its HEARnet and HEARnet Learning websites respectively.

Our Skills

Research & Development 55%
Commercialisation 25%
Clinical Trials 20%

HEARworks Brochure

Download the HEARworks Brochure here or read it online below with ISSUU.



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