Infant Diagnostics CPD Package Workshop 2.

  • Infant Diagnostics CPD Package Workshop 2
    June 12, 2017
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Infant Diagnostics CPD Package Workshop (Gold Coast)

Infant Diagnostic AudiologyThis is the second of two Infant Diagnostic CPD Package Workshops delivered in partnership with the HEARing CRC and Audiology Australia. Each workshop features two modules that form part of the Infant Diagnostics CPD Package developed by Audiology Australia and the HEARing CRC for Audiology Australia members.

This workshop takes place one day after Audiology Australia’s Conference The Sound Exchange ’17- Audiology in Action at the Gold Coast from 10-11th June 2017.

About the Workshop

Each workshop will deliver the first two initial face-to-face workshop modules of the Infant Diagnostics CPD Package. They are:

  • Self-awareness and counselling families, and
  • Self-awareness and taking care of yourself.

Both these full-day workshops will address counselling families and how infant diagnosticians can best take care of themselves and help prevent clinician burnout.

Workshop Materials

There will be no face-to-face registrations available at the venue prior to the event.

Requisite Learning: Setting the Scene: Working With Other Professions online training module

Audiology Australia members are encouraged to complete the Setting the Scene online training module can be accessed here. The module provides useful insights into how best to with other organisations such as Australian Hearing in order to provide early detection and seamless care for infants and their families. It takes 35 mins to complete with an enrolment cost of $20 via PayPal. You need to become a registered HEARnet Learning user before you can enrol into the Setting the Scene: Working With Other Professions online training module.

Please note, the Setting the Scene training module can be completed before or after the module in order to be approved for CPD points for attending the first two Infant Diagnostics CPD Package workshops. If you are unable to complete the Setting the Scene module before the workshop, you must complete it afterwards – but this isn’t recommended.


Learning Objectives

Self-awareness and Counseling Families Module’s Intended Learning Objectives

At the end of this module, participants should be able to:

  • Describe different counselling approaches and how these can be applied.
  • Reflect on their own attitudes to permanent disability and how these may affect their ability to offer appropriate support to families.
  • Reflect on their own personal belief systems and how these may affect their ability to offer appropriate support to families.
  • Assess their own and the family’s state of mind.
  • Reflect on how their own state of mind may affect the rapport they establish with the family.
  • Reflect on how their clients’ state of mind may affect the rapport they establish with the clinician.
  • Reflect on how socioeconomic and cultural factors may influence a family’s emotions to different test procedures or results.
  • Reflect on how the way in which information is provided to the family can affect their understanding and acceptance of the information.
  • Adjust and respond to strong emotions expressed by family members during the appointment.
  • Demonstrate their ability to adjust their approach based on their own and the family’s unique state of mind in a given appointment.
  • Explain the importance of empathy when counselling families
  • Recall the types of information and support that must be made available to families after the diagnostic appointment, dependent on the diagnosis and family’s needs.
  • Describe the importance of working with different professions such as social workers, paediatricians and Ear Nose and Throat specialists (ENTs)
  • Identify the need for referrals to appropriate health professionals when clinically indicated.

Self-awareness And Taking Care Of Yourself Module’s Intended Learning Objectives

At the end of this module, participants should be able to:

  • Recall factors that may affect clinicians working in infant diagnostics, including the risk for burnout and vicarious trauma.
  • Identify the signs of burnout and trauma.
  • Reflect on and identify approaches that the participant can take to help build their resilience when working as an infant diagnostician.
  • Describe approaches that an organisation can adopt to help their infant diagnosticians take care of themselves.


This workshop has been endorsed by Audiology Australia for:

  • 8.75 CPD points (2015-17 CPD Endorsement No: CPD1517 199)


  • 5.75 CPD points (2017-18 CPD Endorsement No: CPD1718 033).


The workshop will be facilitated by Dr Dunay Schmulian (Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, Perth) and Rebecca Kim (Macquarie University, Sydney).

Dr Dunay Schmulian

Dunay Schmulian

Dr Dunay Schmulian

Dr Schmulian holds a double doctorate in Audiology and a Master’s degree in Counselling. Prior to accepting her current role as Senior Audiologist and Clinical Consultant and Hear& Say in Brisbane, Queensland, Dr Schmulian was Head of Department at a Children’s Hospital and State manager of two public paediatric programmes in Western Australia.

She has worked in the United States, Australia and South Africa while carrying an active paediatric caseload and holding conjoint appointments at two universities. Dr Schmulian is also a PhD supervisor, researcher. In 2011, Dr Schmulian established Transforming Consultations with the clear focus of assisting good clinicians by protecting their career longevity through the implementation of healthy, practical and relevant practices of communication and self-care. Her current research focuses on the neuroscience of high-stakes communicating, and the relationships between the professional and the client in order to develop a model of care best suited to communication disorders.

Payment Details

To attend this workshop, registrations payments can be made via the PayPal Express payment gateway. Payment via PayPal Express can be made through a:

  • Pre-existing PayPal account;
  • Credit card; or
  • Debit card.

To make a registration payment with either a credit card or debit card, you will need to click on the ‘New To PayPal’ button to be taken to the PayPal Guest Checkout page. Once there, you will then be prompted to provide your card details.

Cancellations & Refunds Policy

Unless evidence of circumstances is provided, cancellations after 5 June 2017 can incur a nominal cancellation fee. Electronic refunds resulting from cancellation will be deposited electronically into the account from which the payment was made within 15 working days or sooner via PayPal Express.




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