Speech Perception Tests

HEARworks has produced a series of speech perception tests for clinical audiologists.

AB word lists

The AB Isophonemic Monosyllabic Word test (Arthur Boothroyd, 1968) is an open-set speech perception test comprising fifteen 10-word lists. The lists are composed of CVC words in isolation, constructed from the same 10 vowels and 20 consonants. They are used to test adults with mild to profound hearing impairment using residual hearing alone or when aided with a hearing aid or cochlear implant. The lists are phonemically balanced and are usually scored phonemically, which increases the test reliability. The AB word lists are spoken by Australian male and female speakers.

BKB-A sentence lists

The Bench-Kowal-Bamford (BKB) Sentence test (Bench et al., 1987) is a popular open-set speech perception test developed for use with hearing-impaired children (usually >8 years of age). It can also be used with adults. The test can be administered in quiet conditions or in the presence of background noise. Each BKB list consists of 16 short sentences and is scored on the number of words correctly repeated out of 50 key words. This test was adapted for use with Australian hearing-impaired children (Bench & Doyle, 1979). The 20 lists of BKB sentences are spoken by an Australian female speaker.

CID sentences

The Central Institute for the Deaf (CID) Everyday Sentence test is an open-set test suitable for testing adults with severe to profound hearing impairment (Silverman & Hirsh, 1955). There are 10 lists of everyday sentences (10 sentences per list), varying in length from 2-12 words. An example sentence is “The book is on the top shelf next to the pencil.” The lists can be presented in quiet or in the presence of competing noise. The lists are scored by key words correct. They are spoken by an Australian male speaker.

CNC word lists

These open-set word lists were based on the original consonant-nucleus-consonant (CNC) word tests developed by (Peterson & Lehiste, 1962). Although different words are used, the CNC structure of each word is maintained. Each list contains the same number of words (50 words per list) and has the same frequency of occurrence of individual phonemes. The frequency of phonemes in lists is consistent with the frequency of occurrence of these phonemes in real life. The CNC Words are presented in isolation and are commonly used to test adults with hearing impairment. There are three test batches, each containing 10 lists of CNC words, spoken by an Australian female speaker.

CUNY sentence lists

These sentences were based on the original City University of New York (CUNY) Sentence lists (Boothroyd, Hanin & Hnath, Reference Note 4). The CUNY sentences are usually used with hearing-impaired adults. Each list contains 12 sentences comprised of 102 words and is scored for the total number of words correctly identified. The sentences were constructed to have similar language and length to the original CUNY sentences. However they differ in that they are not cued by a contextual topic. There are six test batches, five with 30 lists of CUNY sentences and one with 20 lists spoken by an Australian female speaker.

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