The Diary of Early Language (Di-EL) was developed through CRC HEAR as a tool for monitoring early word development in children. Di-EL provides a variety of benefits for families, professionals and researchers working with children who have hearing loss.

  • A time efficient program for hearing health professionals – as data is collected by parents
  • Can be used across many cultures and languages.
  • Encourages parents to watch their child’s vocabulary grow.
  • Involves parents in monitoring their child’s early language progress
  • Informs parents about early language development
  • Provides a rich source of lexical data for researchers that includes more representative lexical data than current checklists
  • Provides parents with a personalised record of their child’s first 100 words
  • Provides ‘online’ information about language development for hearing health professionals so intervention can be both appropriate and timely.

Di-EL is licensed to Cochlear Ltd who recommend its use as part of their habilitation process for infants and young children with cochlear implants.

For more information, please visit the Cochlear Online Resources Library.

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