NAL-NL2 is a non linear hearing aid fitting software for prescription fitting of hearing aids that maximises speech intelligibility for hearing aid users. This software was developed in association with Australian Hearing’s National Acoustic Laboratories.

NAL-NL2 is the second generation of prescription procedures from The National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) for fitting wide dynamic range compression (WDRC) instruments. Like its predecessor (NAL-NL1), NAL-NL2 is a threshold-based procedure that prescribes gain-frequency responses for different input levels, or the compression ratios at different frequencies, in wide dynamic range compression hearing aids. This allows speech intelligibility to be maximised for any input level of speech above the compression threshold, while keeping the overall loudness of speech at or below normal overall loudness.

The development and commercialisation of the NAL-NL2 formula was recognised in 2012 when the HEARing CRC, NAL and Siemens (now the Sivantos Group) won the Cooperative Research Centres Association‘s Inaugural Collaboration Award. It was also shortlisted as a finalist for the Australian Museum’s Eureka Prize in 2012.

NAL-NL2 is now licensed to 18 major international hearing aid companies and audiology equipment manufacturers and is used to fit more hearing aids worldwide than any other system.

The licensing of NAL-NL2 is managed by the HEARing CRC through HearWorks Pty Ltd. If you have any questions in regards to the licensing arrangements, please contact HEARworks.

NAL-NL2 Presentation shows the development of the NAL-NL2 software and provides further information about how it works as a hearing aid fitting formula.

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